In this day and age, it is almost impossible not to have a stroller handy when you leave the house with your infant. They get heavy fast, and it is not practical to be carrying them all the time. Especially for errands and outings that require you to be able to use one or two hands to complete.

But a stroller may not be the easiest thing to manage, even if its purpose is to make your life easier. So, instead of thinking of the stroller as just another item to have to manoeuvre, start thinking of it as an asset!

Stroller with shopping bags and savings jar - tips to save money on stroller purchases
Stroller as must-have baby gear for outings

Below are a few budget-friendly tips and tricks to make sure that the stroller stays convenient rather than an inconvenience:

Label the Capabilities of Your Stroller

Use a label maker or colourful stickers to remind users of what each button/lever can do and how to use it. This is especially helpful when your stroller gets passed between family members or babysitters. It will also come in handy if you need to put your stroller in storage for a while, but now have a second child on the way. especially since not everyone keeps the box or manual!

Use Carabiners

Carabiners can be clipped onto many parts of the stroller and act as an extra hand for carrying a load that can be taken off your own hands. The general suggestion from other stroller users is to invest in heavy-duty ones so they can handle hefty bags. This is especially helpful if you are shopping or running an errand solo and need extra hands-free moments to accomplish your tasks. 

Add Counterweights

Add counterweights on the front wheels of the stroller. Use ankle weights to wrap around the front legs of the stroller to help balance shopping loads, or if your little one is an escape artist and has learned how to leave their seat at a moment’s notice. This will help your stroller from tipping over backwards when you have weight on the handles, but not enough weight on the front. 

Pack Your Stroller Upright to Save Trunk Space

Loading stroller into car trunk for on-the-go travel
Mother and baby preparing to pack stroller in car trunk

Open up space in your trunk by packing your stroller upright. You can do this easily by leaving a bungee cord wrapped around the back head rest to clip onto the stroller when transporting it. This will also keep space open for you to still utilize your trunk space for other items! 

Use Reusable Wine Bottle Bags for Extra Storage

Get out your reusable wine bottle bags and attach it to the stroller using hooks or those heavy duty carabiners mentioned above. Then you have 6 more places to store bottles and drinks upright. Trust us when we say that there can never be enough cup holders! Note: be extra careful with using this method with hot or open drinks! Ensure they have a cap/secure top and are spill-proof.

Increase Stroller Wheel Grip With Zip Ties

For those of you who like to take the stroller out in the winter and brave the tricky surfaces, use zip ties to increase the grip on the wheels. Just tie them around tightly along the wheels, and cut off the excess plastic. This will be especially helpful for all you joggers out there!

Test Stroller Styles With Borrow Me Baby

Borrow a stroller through Borrow me Baby’s rental program to test out different styles before investing in your own! This is the best way to be cognizant of your budget, while still giving you the opportunity to really see if the extra cash will be worth it. And once your stroller is no longer in use, you’ll know the process to pay it forward to the next family trying to figure out their stroller needs. One excellent stroller we have available to try is the Thule Kids Coaster XT Bike Trailer/ Stroller.


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