As a new parent, you will often need both hands to care for your baby and will wish for a couple more hands as you navigate your new normal. From housework, to exercise, to grocery shopping and caring for your baby, you will likely need to utilize some savvy products to free up those busy hands.

Hands-free baby products are supposed to make your day-to-day living a little bit easier. And there are many products out there that boast their life-changing properties. However, not all products are going to work for you and your family. And that is perfectly fine! This is actually one of the reasons why Borrow me Baby came into existence.

If you’ve had a newborn, or are going through the newborn stage right now, you can probably relate to the quandary of spending too much money finding the right product. But when you do find the right product, it can absolutely help you multitask throughout the day.

As you read through these tips, try not to get sucked into a product because it seems useful. Consider what the product is actually supposed to do and if it will be able to do it right for you. Then, if you are still on the fence, take a look at the extensive list of products that Borrow me Baby offers for rent and try before you buy!

Hands-free baby gear for new parents on-the-go
Mother holding a newborn baby

Here are some tips on how to use hands-free baby products effectively:


Doing housework can become tricky when your baby wants to be held and entertained. Consider using a swing or a rocker to do the trick. You can also look into one that is portable like the Babybjorn Bouncer which you can bring around the house so you can keep an eye on your little one while still tackling that pile of laundry or dishes. Or, if your baby won’t tolerate a swing or a rocker, you can utilize a play yard that keeps them contained. Pro tip: use common items around your home like plastic bowls, measuring cups, and empty yogurt containers as a novel toy to keep the baby busy!


Exercising does not have to go out the window with a baby. There are options like hands-free strollers, which allow you to bring your baby with you on any walk, run, or errand, and they keep your hands available! Generally, these are known as jogging strollers, options on the market include the CYBEX Zeno, or the BOB Gear Revolution Pro. These types of strollers give you the ability to pull your baby (and stroller) along as you move around.

Phone Access

Accessing your phone when you have your hands full can be challenging. Phone holders can be a life-saver if you are waiting on important incoming texts or calls while out for a walk with your baby. You can attach the phone holder directly to your stroller’s handlebar. Product options include the Skip*Hop Universal Phone Holder or the Sheer Living Stroller Phone Mount. Keep your phone in view while you tend to your baby’s needs and still enjoy a walk or an errand while being available to others who may need you too!

Baby Carriers

Hands-free baby wrap carrier for new parents
Baby travelling in a carrier with his mother

Baby won’t tolerate the swing, the rocker, the play yard, or the stroller and just needs to be held? Good thing that baby carriers are a thing for all you multitaskers keeping busy out there! Borrow Me Baby has carriers like the Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier or the Beluga Baby Wrap, which are great when you need to keep your baby close while on the move. A baby carrier is a much-needed item for allowing easy movement and keeping your hands free. Depending on the carrier, babies can be facing outwards, facing in towards you, or situated on your back, and sometimes, right on your hip. 


Are you one of those mamas out there who have relied on pumping? Did you know there are hands-free breast pumps out there? One of the most frustrating things about pumping breast milk is being tied down to the pump itself by tubing. However, product options out there that are wearable breast pumps include the Willow Wearable Breast Pump or the Elvie Pump. These are great options because they are hands-free, but you can also move around freely while using them!


Getting 8 hours of sleep as a parent, especially as a new parent, is not the expectation. However, with hands-free bassinets, you can hopefully get some decent shut-eye, even if you have a newborn. Hands-free bassinets come in many shapes and sizes. One well-known one is the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet. Another is the Graco Sense2Snooze. These bassinets utilize smart technology that activates both rocking and white noise when it senses a fussy baby. You would still be needed for any late-night feedings, but the bassinets should help sooth the baby when hunger isn’t the issue. Though these high-tech, hands-free baby products can really make you feel like you’re relying on technology, if they help, then perhaps it all may be worth it for the extra sleep!


Being able to check on your baby without the use of your hands when they are sleeping is now feasible through hands-free baby monitors. Products like the Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock or the Sense-U Video+Breathing Monitor can tell you information about heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends. The video feed and analytic data is sent right to your phone for easy access and data tracking.

Hands-free baby products can be a game changer for new parents. It is important to choose the right products that work for you and your family. Borrow me Baby offers an extensive list of products that you can rent and try before you buy. With these products, you can juggle daily tasks and take care of your baby with ease, allowing you to enjoy your new normal.


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