Babybjorn Bouncer

Strathaven Drive, North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Babybjorn Bouncer
Babybjorn Bouncer
Babybjorn Bouncer
Condition: Like new
Smoke-Free: Yes
Min. Days: 7
Pets: Dog(s)
Discount(s): Monthly, Weekly

**Happily lending on behalf of Borrow Me Baby!

No batteries needed! Plus it’s super lightweight which means you can easily move it around the house or take it on the go with you.

The natural rocking of a bouncer usually has a soothing effect on babies and as your baby grows and learns how to control the rocking, the bouncer becomes even more fun and also stimulates your baby’s balance and motor skills.

Suitable for newborns (minimum weight 8 lbs/3.5 kg) up to the age of 2.

Discounted rates given for rentals over 7+ days (15% off) and 30+ days (30% off)!




This bouncer has been a lifesaver! My son loves bouncing in it, and it gives me a chance to cook, clean and catch up on the million things that moms need to do when we get those few extra minutes! Very easy to clean as well as the fabric portion comes right off.


The BabyBjorn bouncer was a GAME CHANGER, we used it all the time and would even bring it with us when we left the house. It easily collapses and folds for storage. Our little guy enjoyed watching the world go by and it gave us peace of mind knowing he was secure. He loved the soft gentle bounce, it always calmed him right down. Highly recommend!


Loved this bouncer! Gave baby a place to hangout when you needed your hands free. She liked being able to watch what was going on vs laying flat in the snuggle me organic.


Number one baby product in our household! Great tool for soothing baby as they can easily be rocked to sleep. Only place I can put down my clingy infant for some hands free time. Easy to move and easy to clean, highly recommend!


A must for hands-free time! I kept baby in this while cooking or eating dinner and bounced it with my foot. Loved that it has different levels so it can grow with them. The mesh kept him cool during the summer months, too!

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