Beluga Baby Wrap

Strathaven Drive, North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Beluga Baby Wrap
Condition: Like new
Smoke-Free: Yes
Min. Days: 1
Pets: Dog(s)
Discount(s): Contact for Options, Monthly, Weekly
Rental Start Time: After 11:00 am
Rental End Time: Before 2:00 pm

This wrap is insanely breathable and comfortable. Plus it makes on-the-go nursing a breeze. There is nothing better than being able to have the freedom of being hands-free especially in the early days.

Super helpful to bond with your baby, especially for skin-to-skin time.

Colour – black

Discounted rates given for rentals over 7+ days (15% off) and 30+ days (30% off)!




SO soft and snuggly. I used this when my son was first born for the whole “4th trimester”. Some nights, it was the only thing that worked to get him to sleep…. the magic of bouncing and skin-to-skin!

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