Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock

Strathaven Drive, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock
Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock
Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock
Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock
Condition: Very good
Smoke-Free: Yes
Min. Days: 1
Pets: Dog(s)
Discount(s): Monthly, Weekly
Rental Start Time: After 11:00 am
Rental End Time: Before 2:00 pm

This monitor paired with the sock givens parents the complete picture of their baby’s sleep. You can track important sleep quality indicators (e.g. heart rate, wakings, oxygen level) and review nightly sleep reports. It truly takes the guess work out of tracking and monitoring baby’s sleep!

Rental includes the wearable sock monitor in multiple sizes (mint colour), HD video camera, and Predictive Sleep Technology (2021 Generation).

Retails for $479 before tax.

Discounted rates given for rentals over 7+ days (15% off) and 30+ days (30% off)!




This does disconnect here or there which can be annoying but overall I’m happy with the video and sound quality.


I loved using this sock! Even though it’s not a medical device, it put some of my new mama worries at ease to be able to check-in on the readings and get the sleep insights.

I found the monitor a bit more challenging to use than others (I think it was a WiFi connection issue?), but I liked having the camera and readings combined in one app.

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