Are you a parent-to-be wondering about all the things you will need for your newborn baby? You’ve come to the right place!

It can be overwhelming bringing a new baby into the world, and as parents, we want the best for our kiddos. Part of the reason that Borrow Me Baby was created was to help parents stay on budget and keep their space free of unused items. But where to start? How much should you budget?

First, start with a list of things you need generally, then determine what things you need immediately and what things you can rent through Borrow Me Baby or figure out on the go. 

Below is a basic list of different items most babies will need or find useful in some capacity. This list will look different for every family, but it’s a great starting point to get you thinking. And perhaps get you looking through what is available for rent before you commit to the purchase!

Finding affordable baby gear options for new mother and baby
New mother shopping for affordable baby gear

What will my baby wear?

Having a basic set of clothing supplies for your baby is needed for everyday wear, but be careful not to spend your entire budget on all the cute accessories out there! The basic items include: onesies, rompers, undershirts, T-shirts and/or side-snap shirts, pull-on pants, pyjamas, sleep sacks, sweaters, socks, and scent-free detergent. Remember that shoes aren’t truly needed until your baby starts walking!

Some more items that you can consider (though more seasonal!) include: sunglasses, hats, swimsuits, mittens, and a winter coat. 

What will my nursery need?

When your baby is ready for bedtime, you’ll likely need a few items to complete the flow of the room or area. There are a lot of really fun decor ideas out there to make the space special, but this list includes general items to get you started:

Monitor, bassinet/crib, crib bedding/mattress, changing table, diaper pail, dresser/clothing storage, rocking chair/glider, laundry basket, and a toy bin. (Psst! Currently available on Borrow Me Baby’s platform to rent: Owlet Baby Monitor & Sock, HALO BassiNest, and Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet).

Some of these items can use up a lot of your budget, but here at Borrow Me Baby, we’re making some of the more expensive items available to you to try out so you don’t invest in anything without first knowing if it will work for you! 

What will my house need for baby-proofing?

In addition to the nursery, the rest of your house will also need a few changes to make sure the space is safe for your baby at all stages of life.

Baby proofing includes typical items like: gates, cabinet latches, drawer latches, outlet covers, furniture anchors, toilet locks, corner guards for low tables, and a fireplace bumper. 

How do I keep my baby clean?

The next thing to think about when preparing for your newborn baby to enter the world is what they need to keep clean. It helps to think about where you want to bathe your baby ahead of time i.e. a regular tub, a sink, or in a special baby tub. 

Here is a list of things to consider purchasing: a baby tub/insert that goes in your tub, faucet guard, baby lotion, baby nail clippers, baby shampoo and body wash, washcloths, soft towels, baby comb and brush set, digital thermometer, and a nasal aspirator. 

What will feeding my baby look like?

When it comes to giving your baby the nutrition it needs, there are a lot of different options, and it can change fast as your baby grows and hits different milestones. Some of these items might depend on your choices to breast or bottle feed, use formula, or change your mind as you get going with any of these. Luckily, most of these items are low-cost and won’t break your budget if you end up pivoting along the way! 

Items include: bibs, breast pads, breast pump, nipple cream, breastfeeding support pillow, breastmilk freezer storage bags, nursing bas, insulated cooler/carrier for outings, bottle/pacifier sterilizer, bottle drying rack, bottle brush, burp cloths, dishwasher basket for bottles, and of course – bottles and nipples.

Finding affordable baby gear options for new mother and baby
Parents holding a newborn baby

What will be involved in diapering?

As we all know, after eating there inevitably will be a need for a diaper change! Some choices to make before you bring the baby home is if you want to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. This will affect the different diaper supplies you will need, like diaper bins. In addition to the cloth or disposable diapers themselves, you will also need baby wipes or reusable cloths and diaper rash cream. 

How will I keep my baby occupied?

There are many ways to keep your baby occupied throughout the day. You can also check out our blog on hands-free parenting for more ideas on how to keep your little one safe while you continue to do your daily activities as efficiently as possible!

Some popular items to look into, and especially look at renting through Borrow Me Baby’s platform, include: a baby swing or baby bouncer. Some smaller items that won’t break the bank are: different pacifiers, play mats, small plush toys, rattles, soft books and board books, toys that attach to a stroller, and swaddling blankets. 

How will my baby travel?

In most cases, getting your baby from point A to point B will need a bit of extra equipment.

If you are driving with your baby, you will need a car seat. If you are going to a friend’s house, you may want to consider bringing a portable play yard to avoid your baby being in an environment that may not be baby-proofed. Having a stocked diaper bag for when you leave the house, even if you are going for a long walk with the baby in its stroller, may make your life a bit easier.

In addition to the car seat, sunshades for the car windows, diaper bag, portable play yard, and stroller, you also may want to consider looking into a baby carrier for those times when the bulk of the stroller will get in the way.

Searching for cost-effective baby gear with newborn
Newborn in a stroller

Here are some items on Borrow Me Baby’s platform to help parents on the go: Beluga Baby Wrap, Thule Kids Coaster XT Bike Trailer/ Stroller, and Babybjorn Omni 360 Baby Carrier – Mesh

Many of these items can be rented from Borrow Me Baby’s platform and may be worth checking out before you invest a large amount of your budget on purchasing them. Every baby is different, and some may not tolerate all products in the same way! 

Hopefully, this list gets you started on collecting all the items you will need to bring your new baby home. Note that this list is not tailored to any specific individual, so don’t let it hold you back from having fun picking out baby items that catch your attention. Just know that the option to rent is out there and can help you stay on budget for some of those highly sought-after items!


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